Jeffrey J. Phillips

⬥ Transformational thought leader with contagious optimism and strong ability to inspire and energize staff

⬥ Proven track record of building high performance, diverse teams and cultivating strong customer relationships to facilitate business growth

⬥ Global executive experienced as an entrepreneur in startups and as a leader of large corporate initiatives

⬥ Recognized for collaborating well across organizational lines while fostering consensus on difficult decisions

⬥ Credentialed PMP and SFC with outstanding communications skills, strong remote management, team engagement, virtual meeting and presentation abilities

Prior employers include

⬥ Organizational Leadership ⬥ Program Management ⬥ Technology Development ⬥


"I worked for Jeff while he lead the UNIX Development team at NEC. As a software engineer, he was a mentor to me as I grew into a senior software engineer.

His communication skills and leadership abilities created an environment that was exciting and rewarding. I was impressed with Jeff's expertise and ability to lead and coordinate complex projects. I value the software development experience that I gained under Jeff's leadership."

John Spencer
Principal Software Engineer
NetScout Systems, Inc.

"Not only was Jeff one of my first managers, he was one of the best. He takes great pride in developing and coaching team members, as well as building a strong cohesive team.

He is a strong communicator and is very good at bringing people from different functions together, which is a key trait of any successful program or product manager. I think that Jeff's mentorship was key to my professional development. Strongly recommended!"

Ephraim Luft
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Board Advisor

"I worked with and reported to Jeff throughout my career at Technicolor and always appreciate Jeff's focus and management capabilities.

He is an accomplished Project and Program Manager who is able to juggle multiple complicated programs and their respective deliverables.

Jeff has a natural ability to lead multi-discipline / multi-national teams, obtain important information for the team to work with, clearly identifying actionable items and setting clear targets and expectations for the teams."

Austin Moore
Customer Program Manager

"Jeff was a great leader who was instrumental in my transition from a technical development role to a program manager at Microsoft. He became my manager when I had been in the PM role for only a few short months. He not only had his hands full in having an employee that was new to the role, but he also had to remotely manage me and another PM, since he was based in the Bay Area while our team was based in Redmond. While he and I were both new to the Microsoft TV team, he had to ensure the Redmond team could deliver on our commitments.

Not only did he help coach me to what a good PM should be, but he also developed me to a point where he felt comfortable promoting me, and making me a lead PM. I really appreciate his guidance and leadership and appreciate the faith he put in me to take on more responsibility. I recommend Jeff, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again."

Joe Chauvin
Senior Technical Program Manager
Amazon Go

"Jeff is a highly motivated, world class Program Manager. His skill set is complete and I've seen first hand, both as a team member and as a outsider from another organization, how effective he is at leading a complex project through to completion. He would be a complement on any product to market team!"

David McClure
Director, Supply Chain Planning

"I worked for Jeff at Technicolor as a fledgling Program Manager and will always appreciate his mentoring and coaching.

I have great respect for his ability to manage complex team relationships and achieve success. He is able to prioritize and bring focus to cross functional teams while also managing internal and external customer expectations."

John Nightingale
Staff Project Engineer
Moog, Inc.

" 'Seasoned Project Management Guru' is the term that most aptly describes Jeff. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Jeff for 3 years at Technicolor. During this time, Jeff and I both worked in portfolio management - Jeff from the customer intimacy standpoint and me with the Engineering team. The single biggest highlight working with Jeff was his oceanic and saintly wisdom capable of handling all challenges with ease. Projects that would otherwise paralyze seasoned folks seemed obviously solvable when Jeff oversaw them.

I was impressed with Jeff’s ability to coordinate with any corner of the globe adapting to cultures like a duck to water. Most importantly, of course, his approachable nature. Jeff has been a pillar of confidence and safety during my times of doubt and has not just solved challenges but shown me I can solve them too! One could not ask for a better mentor. Jeff would be a true asset for any positions requiring Portfolio and Project management. Any company would be privileged to name him among their staff!"

Srikrishna Rajagopal

"Jeff and I worked together at SONY developing and integrating software for their new desktop and laptop VAIO personal computers. Later, I hired him to work at Microsoft to lead one of my groups.

He managed a team of program managers driving the MSTV platform software on different set-top boxes for several key customers in the US and Europe.

I remember his management style was well respected by his staff and his peer managers, he collaborated well across organizational lines, and the quality of his work was thorough and insightful. He was a consistently reliable key contributor. "

Parichay Saxena

"Jeff and I worked together at Pace for many years, and continued working together at times in his role at Technicolor. Jeff was always someone you could count on to do the job right , carefully considering all aspects of a challenge.

If something was in Jeff's hands, you can count on it being done correctly and efficiently. It has been my pleasure to work along side Jeff as well as with him while at different companies.

I would highly recommend Jeff in any executive or managerial role and I look forward to working with him in the future. "

Ron Alterio
CTO, SVP Engineering
Blonder Tongue Labs, Inc.

"I was given the privilege of working with Jeff Phillips at Sony Electronics, Inc. As a result of our time working at a peer level at Sony, Jeff and I have continued our friendship for the past 25 years, allowing us to collaborate on many topics.

Jeff is a skilled Executive, Leader, and Team Builder, holding a diverse skill set in Software development, large scale program roll outs of both hardware and software. Jeff is a critical thinker with an innovative mindset allowing him to solve complex issues and deliver high outcomes daily. Jeff is a skilled leader who knows the value of relationships, how to maximize those relationships to achieve high value outcomes for internal and external customers, while maximizing the outcomes of the company.

Jeff is highly skilled in mentorship of staff to raise the effectiveness and outcomes of the organizations he leads. His mentorship and leadership creates loyal and highly effective teams. Jeff’s ability to work in a highly matrixed organization makes him a valuable team member.

Jeff holds a unique skill in working with customers to understand their goals and show them how to achieve them with real results. Jeff’s technical ability is incredible, I watched Jeff acquire new product skills quickly as he is a great student of the technology, allowing him to quickly adapt to change with confidence. I would personally recommend Jeff for Senior leadership positions, if you’re looking for a Senior Executive, look no further!"

Greg Myers
Vice President, Customer Excellence
CentralSquare Technologies

"I worked with Jeff for many years at NEC. He was great to work with on the many projects that he managed. Always the ultimate professional but at the same time very enjoyable and fun to work with."

Bob Carcieri
Engineering Documentation Manager
A123 Systems, Inc.

"I worked with Jeff while he was program director for Telco products at Technicolor. I was head of the broadband BU at the time. Jeff had to manage an extremely challenging program, with technical difficulties and some hostility within the customer's organization, as Technicolor was picked to challenge the historical supplier.

He was very professional, standing firm whenever necessary while listening carefully to the customer and the development team and was always able to strike the right balance."

Pascal Portelli
Chief Executive Officer
Delta Dore

"Jeff was an strong advocate for NEC's strategy to implement open system solutions for computer products which resulted in the deployment of the UNIX operating system and complementary applications on previously proprietary minicomputer products. Jeff was also effective instructor for engineering, sales and ancillary staff who needed open system training. I would be happy to work with Jeff again."

Jeffrey DeSantis
Information Technology

"Jeff is a highly motivated, detail oriented professional. He works hard to balance the needs of the business with the customer requirements. He works well in team environments, or alone to successfully implement the organization’s strategy and goals. I would work with Jeff in the future if the opportunity arose."

John Wallace
Regional CFO, Americas

"I've known Jeff for many years and we have worked as partners across companies on two occasions. During that time he has served in a business development role as well as a business/product owner.

Jeff is equipped with an outstanding knowledge of the consumer electronics and network service provider industries including a large list of key contacts.

He knows his way around manufacturing and product design and is diligent in his attention to relationships. I've always known him to be fair in our business dealings. Jeff is the veteran professional you want on your team when you don't have time or money to invest in new talent."

Steve Schein
Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

"Jeff has an enthusiastic, optimistic attitude that is contagious and serves to motivate and energize his project staff. He is a natural leader who has the gift of identifying each staff member’s primary talents and bringing out the best in each one throughout the course of the entire project.

Jeff is very calm and collected under pressure. He has superb problem-solving skills as well as exceptional team-building skills."

Tom Desisto
Director, Software and Services
BSQUARE Corporation

"I've known Jeff for many years as a friend and a professional. Jeff is part of a rare breed these days, full of integrity, professionalism and leadership with the ability to get the job done.

He is a highly skilled and intelligent manager with great interpersonal skills, a natural when it comes to forming and leading teams of people, getting the tough jobs done.

It is my pleasure to recommend Jeff to anyone as he is a hard working highly skilled professional with integrity."

Stephen Weiss
CTO, Managing Director

"Jeff is a well rounded executive with whom I had the honor of working for several years. He has the passion, ability and determination to lead complex programs through worldwide cross functional teams never losing sight of the goal and always keeping the team motivated and focused on the job ahead.

Additionally, his vast knowledge of the program development process, combined with his people’s skills, make him a great asset to lead transformational programs that reshape companies.

Finally, his business acumen, charisma, and team player skills make of Jeff a top class leader and mentor for any program management organization."

Rodolfo Rascon Barcelo
Program Director

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Jeff for several years at Pace. He is a highly motivated and detail focused professional with a determination to get good business done.

Jeff is a loyal team player who knows the technology industry from inspiration to implementation and he was a major player in the Pace journey with DIRECTV, growing the STB from nothing to millions of units in a few short years.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jeff again."

James Belford
Engineering VP

"Jeff Phillips is a great strategic leader and mentor. Along with polished professionalism, quality and high intelligence, Jeff's passion for project management, leadership and strategic thinking principles moves people individually and in groups to new levels of understanding , contributing to business results.

Knowing and working with Jeff in new product introduction for LATAM has been an honor. I highly recommend him ; He would be a great asset to any team or organization looking to move to excellence level."

Marcia Aguiar
Engineering | Quality | Projects | Operations

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff Phillips for many years. He is a driven Program Management professional, and I do not use the word professional lightly. Jeff successfully executed many of our companies most important programs with demanding technology, customers, schedules, and budgets all the while working with our international development teams and External Partners across the globe (North and South America, Europe, and Asia).

Besides leading these program teams, Jeff developed much of the Program Management procedures and training for our company and then he performed much of the training worldwide. It is easy for me to recommend Jeff Phillips."

Michael R. Vernon
Senior Manager, Sourcing and WW Component Engineering

"Jeff is a very skilled Program Director. Had the chance to work with him in several challenging NPIs for Latin America customers and I was impressed by his approach to resolve issues, attention to details, impressive communication skills and teaching abilities.

Working with Jeff you learn everyday from someone that really masters Project Management best practices."

Carlos Badia
Senior Director, Program Management

"Myself and Jeff worked at Pace when he was the Director of Product Planning and Management for the DIRECTV business unit and I was managing the Pace outsource services. Jeff was a focussed individual who drove engineering to deliver the needs of the customer.

We then touched base as competitors when Jeff moved to Technicolor and we were working on parallel projects together. Jeff was always very professional and although we were direct competitors in the DIRECTV space, Jeff cooperated well with Pace and to the satisfaction of the customer. In summary, Jeff is a seasoned professional who conducts himself in a very professional manner."

David Kenyon
Vice President, Engineering

"Jeff is a great Program Director, a great team player and very organized hard working individual. He is also a great mentor, he taught Program Management courses to many upcoming Program Managers.

I highly recommend Jeff to any company looking for a self-motivated team player that will provide serious value to the organization."

Talha Fatih Uzun
Vice President, QA and Engineering

"From my experience Jeff has a remarkable talent to have people open up in a group. Putting them in a context to bring their best selves and contributions.

With optimism, enthusiasm and clear and documented results in the end - which then again motivates contributors to invest more."

Diederik Vandenameele
Director, Customer Programs

"Jeff led a recent company restructuring, which is very strategic in terms of processes optimizations and cost reduction.

I was impresssed by his expertise designing new processes, Roles and Responsibilities, and converging the entire company into a reality that is already bringing great results.

With a deep knowledge in business, operations, engineering, project management, Jeff is a key strategic person to contribute to any company he works for."

Bruno Tanaka, PMP®
LATAM Software Engineering Manager

"I have known and worked with Jeff Phillips for 8 years. Jeff is a seasoned and well accomplished Program Manager. Jeff is always a professional, and he is someone I consider a mentor. Jeff is definitely an asset to any organization."

Tenson Robinson, PMP®
Program Lead
Intellisense Systems, Inc.

"During my many years at Technicolor, when I think of business partners around whom I found it easiest to rally, Jeff must be at or near the top of the list.

Jeff brings a passion to his work and strives for excellence in all he does. It seemed that no matter the assignment, Jeff exemplified meaningful leadership qualities, he always had time for people, and he was continuously evolving and learning.

Jeff’s credentials and professional experience have equipped him well in areas of Program and Product Management and Strategy, among others. Because of Jeff’s refreshing personality, broad flexibility and proven competency, I would recommend Jeff wholeheartedly to any future business organization seeking success."

Greg Turner
Finance Lead
Corteva Agriscience

"Jeff is an amazing program leader who can organize, motivate and inspire teams to do their best work. He is fearless, persistent, smart, and wise. Jeff does not talk-the-walk, he walks-the-walk and has a career portfolio of groundbreaking products that prove it. I am thankful for Jeff’s continued mentorship over the years."

Meg Aronson
Product Management

"Jeff is a transformational leader who fosters a culture of innovation by promoting creativity and new ideas. He is authentic and honest. His Team Management style stimulates participation, determination, transparency, prioritization, follows through, and open-mindedness.

Jeff's can-do attitude motivates any organization to create a "change the world" culture that results in smart organizational growth."

Gayle Razzaboni, Ph.D.
Operations Director
Willow Glen Properties

"I’ve known Jeff for many years both as a friend and professionally. The first time I met Jeff was when he joined Sony. It’s my pleasure to recommend Jeff to any organization looking for a seasoned professional with excellent leadership skills and business acumen.

Jeff is personable, intelligent, a great listener and communicator with the ability to take complex ideas and translate them into achievable deliverables. Jeff can see the big picture, collaborates well with cross-functional teams to get the job done.

Jeff’s open door, collaborative management style is both refreshing and respected by his teams."

Beverly Jacke
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

"I've worked with Jeff on many projects over the years, when he was at both Pace and Technicolor.

He's always been attentive to customer's needs and willing to do what it takes to make the customer (in this case, DIRECTV and AT&T) satisfied. And he's had a "big picture" perspective, meaning he can manage across cross-functional teams to get things done.

I hope I have the opportunity to work with Jeff on future projects."

Scott Casavant
AVP, New Technology
Product Development Engineering

"I’ve known Jeff for many years both as a friend and professionally. He is a solid senior manager with a hands on approach to software development. He is the brains behind many projects and he is also obsessed with quality and performance.

His capacity to comprehend and address problems is phenomenal - while at the same time, maintaining a calm attitude. He understands all the technical details, but does not micro-manage. And he's had a "big picture" perspective, meaning he can manage across cross-functional teams to get things done.

I enjoy working for him and respect him with a great deal. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Jeff on future projects."

Helen Taragan
Senior Quality Specialist

"I would like to recommend Jeff as I worked closely with him on a training programme for a non profit group. Jeff showed how collaborative he was in the delivery of training for a multi- cultural diverse student population in Hong Kong."

Sean Coxall
Li & Fung

"When Jeff was managing new product development at Technicolor, I had the privilege of supporting his team in driving cost reduction opportunities.

Jeff has the knack to motivate and lead multifunctional teams to achieve successful outcomes despite some tough challenges.

He's a great communicator and negotiator, truly a problem-solver, and I hope to have the chance to work with him again in the future."

Patricia Leonard
Sustainability and Compliance

"Jeff is the best Project Manager I met in the last decade. I had the pleasure of working with Jeff during the last 10 years on several corporate improvement initiatives at Technicolor.

Jeff always demonstrated his ability of finding the right balance to meet project requirements in time and on budget. In addition, his communication and training skills were exceptional and fully appreciated worldwide. His strong expertise would be an asset to any company."

Regis Sarnowski
Project Mgmt Framework Leader

"Jeff and I were involved in a common training program. Jeff was instrumental in coordinating various trainers in different geographical locations towards one goal, this enabled the company to take a new direction with ease.

This experience enabled me to know more about Jeff. Jeff listens and coaches people with his vast experience in people, products and management. To work with him in that short period of time was a pleasure and a learning experience for me.

Also, he is learning and always improving himself based on traditional as well as modern knowledge. Thank you, Jeff."

Patrick Mishel Rajan
Open Source SW Compliance Officer

"Jeff and I worked on a project to bundle our Internet security software on his NEC PC platforms. This required close coordination between us and understandings of each technology.

Jeff was quick to pick up the gist of the software (due to his backgrounds) and its requirements to hardware. Not just technically, he played a great role to make things happen logistically with a sense of humor. He is one of the most pleasant people to work with.

Best of all, he makes things done."

Zen Kishimoto
Storm Insights, Inc.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff when I was a customer of Microsoft TV years ago. Later on I joined Microsoft, where we became colleagues and friends. Jeff was the most senior Program Manager for our TV products, and tremendously helped the successful deployment of Microsoft TV in Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

He is extremely experienced and a pleasure to work with. His integrity, competence and professionalism are hard to find. I also had the opportunity to witness how Jeff continues studying and keeping up with new technologies and solutions over the years."

Patrick Bensadoun
Director, Int'l Business Development
ETI Software Solutions

"I have worked with Jeff many times over the last 10 years and have found him to be always available, courteous, proactive and a joy to work with.

Jeff gets the job done and goes above and beyond his regular duties to help you out and make your life as easy as possible.

I will do the same for Jeff anytime he asks."

David Bye
Global Channel Marketing Manager
Universal Electronics, Inc.

"Have worked along with Jeff during the last years. Jeff has a proven ability to inspire, motivate and lead cross functional Teams. He is a process oriented Professional which are skills needed for Program Management."

Manuel Vega
Customer Delivery Management

"A great leader who brought engineers from different platforms together and delivered on time. An amazing person to work with.

Enjoyed working with Jeff in the DirecTV programs, which challenged every one technically and schedule wise."

Rejimon V G
Senior Applications Engineer
Qorvo, Inc.

"Jeff is a seasoned executive when it comes to managing complex projects. At Microsoft TV, he led the execution of many deployments at operators worldwide, while juggling rapidly changing requirements and internal priorities.

What was most impressive is that he completed all of these with a calm demeanor and a smile. "

Gunjan Bhow
Global Chief Digital Officer
Walgreens Boots Alliance

"Jeff is the best PMP Manager I have known in 35 years in the electronics industry, there is no such a focused and talented guy to manage any kind of projects big or small with plenty of details and of course with success."

David Iturbe Gutierrez
Americas Head of Operations